Client Spotlight: Paul H. Friedman

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June 30, 2020

Born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Paul found his way to Tucson via Chicago (undergraduate degree,) Boston (law school,) and Washington, D.C. where he established a successful law career. He’s recently retired as managing partner of Dechert, LLP’s D.C. office. Paul spent most of his career preparing and trying large-scale merger litigation cases. These incredibly fast-paced and intense projects meant long hours in small planes, uncomfortable conference room chairs, and hauling heavy boxes of documents. Scoliosis and years of legal heavy lifting left Paul with bulging discs and excruciating back pain. He eventually sought medical treatment which resulted in four back surgeries culminating in spinal fusion of L2-S1.

Paul’s wife, Ann, experienced some serious health issues as well. She received a head injury body surfing in the Atlantic Ocean resulting in debilitating vertigo. Paul gifted Ann a stay at Canyon Ranch for Christmas one year. After returning many times after, they decided to purchase a home in Tucson twelve years ago. Ann found the climate and barometric pressure in Tucson offered some relief. Paul stayed in Tucson one week a year while he was working. Two years ago, Paul took disability due to continuing back pain and related issues. He subsequently spent four months here, then last year he spent six months. Finally, the couple settled into a home in the Foothills in October. They still plan to spend Tucson’s warmest months at the Delaware/Maryland shore.

When they lived in D.C, Ann worked with certified Pilates instructor and reconnective healing practitioner Mark Trudeau, and Paul followed suit, seeking to find relief from daily bouts of back pain. He found the Pilates work helped him tremendously. “I learned to use breathing and work on posture to lengthen my spine and achieve more flexibility,” he explained. “When we moved here, I knew I needed to find someone really good to work with. My research led me to Kyria. My instructor in D.C. had crossed paths with and recommended her.”

Paul practices in the Body Works Pilates studio twice per week in addition to a daily stretching/foam roller regimen at home. He said, “The goal of my Pilates practice is to strengthen my core without causing flare-ups in the nerves so I can go longer periods of time in the day with manageable pain. I often feel an improvement when I leave the studio over when I arrived. I know my posture is better and my physical endurance is improving. While we have sheltered in place, I have looked forward to my twice weekly Zoom Pilates sessions with Kyria. All it took was an iPhone, a foam roller, a ball, and a fitness circle. Thank you, Kyria, for helping me stay strong. I tell people who have back issues that Pilates is definitely something to add to their program. My wife is a big fan of Kyria as well.”

Paul confessed that spending time in his unheated pool also helps with pain relief and that his wife thinks him crazy for it. We think that Paul’s level of commitment to his wellbeing is just the kind of crazy we like in the studio. We’re thrilled that Paul trusts us to help guide him on his continuing journey to pain management and improved mobility. Thank you, Paul! See you at the inversion table!

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