Client Spotlight: Richard Oseran

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October 11, 2019

Third-generation Arizonan, litigator, and Hotel Congress owner, Richard Oseran earned his salt arguing before the US Supreme court, but there was no arguing his way out of making some changes so he could live his best life – pain free.

Had he been asked five years ago if he would be a Body Works Pilates Studio regular, Richard would likely have offered his contagious chuckle and a, “Not a chance.” Yet, for the last year and a half, he’s been in the studio twice a week for Pilates sessions that keep him living life to the fullest by his account. Ultimately, a strong aversion to going under the knife coaxed him into trying the practice. Degenerative osteoarthritis in the lumber region of his back caused pain there and, eventually, in his shoulder. After putting off medical attention for several years, Richard received an MRI and a neurosurgeon’s advice of invasive surgery.
“My wife Shana had been doing Pilates for some time. I figured it wasn’t a ‘guy thing’ so I wasn’t interested,” Richard explained. A series of follow-up consultations with doctors had him looking at the practice as an alternative to surgery, or at least putting it off until absolutely necessary. Since beginning a regular Pilates practice with an adjunctive massage therapy regimen, Richard is free of the chronic back and shoulder pain that plagued him, sans surgery. (As it so happens, he’ll attest whole-heartedly to the fact that Pilates is, very much, a ‘guy thing.’)
In the studio, Richard works with Kyria Sabin Waugaman and, occasionally, with other amazing Body Works instructors as well. “Everybody has a little different idea of how to do things and use different equipment. I really enjoy that. It introduces me to more things I find useful. I’m leaner, my strength is better, and my balance is good,” he said. “I recognize that the instructors see what my needs are better than I can identify them myself. I rely on their expertise.” He recently began experiencing knee issues linked to a faulty meniscus. He opted for stem cell injections and a focus on strengthening surrounding musculature. “The strengthening with Pilates has really made a difference. I just returned from a vacation where I walked six miles a day on the beach!”
Getting away from home doesn’t equate a getaway from Richard’s Pilates practice. He takes a magic circle and hard roller along and works with them to keep limber, balanced, and on the road. “I walk, ride my bike, and basically live every day to the absolute fullest. You can’t do this if you are physically compromised or in pain.
Two mornings a week you’ll find Richard strengthening his core on the Oov, solidifying his midline on the Reformer, or lengthening his hamstrings on the Guillotine Tower. Is 74 the new 44? Richard would know. Chat him up and get to know about how his Pilates practice made a drastic difference in his physical being and outlook on life! Or, make an appointment today for a private consultation session with a Fletcher Pilates® Nationally Certified Teacher at Body Works Pilates today. Discover your potential for living your best life through Pilates!

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