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Body Works Pilates Studio Director, Fletcher Pilates® School Director --Recognized as a Master Pilates Teacher, Kyria Sabin founded Body Works Pilates in Tucson, Arizona in 1993.

November 23, 2021

This is the time of year for sharing what you’re thankful for.  In this Thanksgiving season, we want to share our genuine appreciation for you.

Dear Body Works Pilates Family,

Ron Fletcher, my dear friend, teacher and mentor has been gone ten years now. Anyone who knows me well can sense how much I miss him. And they could tell you not a day goes by that I don’t think about him with love and gratitude, undiminished by time.

Given the year we’ve been through, I’m reminded of a Ron story from when he first opened his studio in Beverly Hills. It seems he bumped into John Wayne, who’s wife, Pilar, was taking sessions at Ron’s studio. The Duke had recently won his first Academy Award as Marshall Rooster Cogburn in the iconic western, True Grit. In the film, Wayne’s costar, Katherine Hepburn, famously said of him, “That man has grit!” Ron apparently mimicked Hepburn, saying, “You’re that man with grit!” As Ron told it, Wayne laughed and responded, “Grit. Hell, I just act. It’s Pilar with the true grit for surviving your classes!”

Grit and survival. These have been our dual themes this past year.

Heartbroken as we all are by the pandemic, it’s difficult to put into words how grateful I am for all who’ve stayed the course with us through the COVID storm – especially for our amazing teachers, faculty and staff. Their determination and grit filled grace throughout this past year has enabled us not only to survive, but to actually thrive. Using the “great pause” in business for creative projects only previously imagined, our team embraced and mastered modern technology to achieve what seemed impossible.

Professional lighting, sound and video systems were installed to turn our classroom into a film studio, now known as our “Zoom Room.” We’ve videoed dozens of continuing education workshops, hundreds of group classes and over a thousand exercises in our Fletcher Movement Encyclopedia. Our staff adapted virtually overnight to successfully teach live online programs, classes and sessions. It’s an honor to be associated with these extraordinary professionals.

From the Tucson city limits to the far-flung borders of the world, my gratitude in this season of Thanksgiving extends to our clients and students near and far who’ve overcome the challenges and joined us for the ride. I firmly believe love and gratitude give meaning to life. And I’m privileged to say to each and every one of you, the world has not yet been born in which I could be any more blessed.

With deepest gratitude,


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