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October 11, 2019

Shakespeare’s words, “And though she be but little, she is fierce” well describe Claudia, a 2013 graduate of the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study and instructor at Body Works Pilates. Born in Tucson and raised in Nogalas, Arizona, Claudia, the youngest of five siblings, returned here to attend college and study dance. She began practicing gymnastics at age five, and began dancing when she was seven – Tahitian and Flamenco were her favorite dance styles. Having, for as long as she can recall, been a student of movement, Claudia was first drawn to Physical Therapy as a profession – submitting a high school senior project on fusion of dance and Pilates into a physical therapy regimen.

In college, Claudia’s Modern Dance teacher introduced her to Fletcher Pilates® and she took mat classes at the University of Arizona. Thus, began her journey with the Fletcher lineage of Pilates and the beginning of her enchantment with the practice. She states “I love the fact that Pilates is an overall full-body work out for maintaining the body. I do other types of exercise, yet this is what keeps me from getting injured. My Pilates practice keeps me moving properly.” When not teaching or squeezing in an intense, often acrobatic session between clients, Claudia feeds her passion for movement with spin class, TRX workouts and light weightlifting.
Claudia explains, “I am honestly fascinated with human anatomy and physiology, which is probably why I love what I do. Everything from kinesiology to nutrition fascinates me.” There are two things that trump Claudia’s passion for movement, health and wellness: her close-knit family and Lola her three-year-old miniature schnauzer. She and her siblings are very close. “My nieces, nephews and baby dog Lola are like my own kids,” she adds. Claudia’s sister, Marisol, owner/operator of Pure Love juice bar is in Tucson but the rest of Claudia’s family live in Nogales.
In the Body Works Pilates studio, clients know Claudia to offer an unparalleled intensity with an eye for form in group classes and gentle yet persistent push toward personal excellence in private sessions. “I love working with clients and seeing them progress. That drives me to keep teaching,” she explains. Catch a signature Fletcher Pilates mat class with Claudia Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings, or try out her new Conditioning! sessions on Monday evenings. You’ll be sure to walk out feeling invigorated and possibly discover some muscle groups that have been dormant for a while.

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